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American Legion Post 133

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Ken Lewis, Post 133 Service Officer


Bruce Botti, Post 133 Assistant Service Officer


On the 1st Thursday of every month our Post Service Officers

will be available at the SW Community Center

from 8:00 - 9:30 a.m to help Veterans & dependents.

Page last updated on Oct. 3rd 2019

The link to the Solder's, Sailor's, and Marine's fund is;

Are you a Veteran?

     Are you a  dependent of a Veteran?

          Are you a  widow, or widower, of a Veteran?

               Are you a resident of the town of South Windsor?

Are you in need of help?

You came to the right place!

Post 133 has two trained

American Legion Post Service Officers

As trained American Legion post service officers:

          We can offer free advice and guidance in dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

          We are specially trained to provide expert assistance, free of charge, to veterans and their families in the application for VA disability benefits.

          We can provide information, referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and other important topics.

          We can provide guidance and direction to state, federal or school officials for additional help.

          We also provide answers to questions on your GI Bill benefits

Burn pits have operated widely at military sites in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At this time, research does not show evidence of long-term health problems.

Check here for further information:

And check here for the Open Burn Pit Registry:

Explore VA provides resources for Veterans and their families interested in learning about and applying for health care benefits, including benefit eligibility, the application process, specific types of health care benefits, like dental care and vision care, and spouse and dependents' compensation eligibility.

If you wish to find out more about health care benefits from VA you should be interested in the new Explore VA website, specifically the health care benefits page.  Explore VA provides a fast way to learn about VA benefits, find out which ones you may be eligible for, share information with friends and family, and apply for benefits. Visitors to Explore VA can look at their eligibility for health care benefits, including:

          VA requirements for health care benefits

          VA's application process

          Information and application requirements for dental care, vision care and assisted living services

          Mental health services and coverage

          Veteran spouse and dependents' compensation eligibility

Continuing your education and career after military service can be an intimidating prospect. Choosing a school and getting all of your benefits requires you to weigh many factors including cost, distance, time, and of course – paperwork. All of these details can make the idea of getting your degree seem intimidating and many will wonder whether it’s worth the time. When you consider the generous benefits available to veterans, however, you’ll typically find that it’s worth your time to continue your education and finish that degree.

2016 Guide to Veterans Education Benefits has created a user-friendly guide that includes features like a GI Bill calculator, grants and scholarship directories, and interviews with the top universities that have programs designed specifically to support veteran higher education. They hope their guide will not only answer common questions, but make it easier for veterans to leverage the educational benefits they have earned.

Post 133 has two state certified

CT Soldiers', Sailors', and Marines' Fund representatives

As certified CT Soldiers', Sailors', and Marines' Fund representatives we can help you obtain temporary assistance with: 

          weekly assistance

          rental payments or mortgage interest payments

          utilities such as gas, electricity, water and home heating fuel

          medical expenses (Limits apply)

          emergency dental care (for Veteran only)

          eye examination and eyeglasses

          Audiological evaluation and hearing aids

          Funeral expenses

          Durable medical equipment

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Not a resident of South Windsor:

Click here to find your repesentative (listed by town)

Are you enrolled in the VA healthcare system and in need of a flu shot?

CLICK HERE to find out how to get your free flu shots at Walgreens.